Women do not think “Differently”

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“Debate on Whether Female Judges Decide Differently Arises Anew”

This headline in the NY Times today caught my eye and  it made me so furious that my heart started pounding. Differently than what?? Differently than the way real judges make decisions? The headline didn’t say Debate on Whether Male and Female Judges Decide Differently Arises Anew. It is the females that are acting different.

The article goes on to say:… the idea that women may inherently view the law differently on occasion is something that troubles even several female judges who believe it may be so. Why is the possibility that women don’t think like men troubling??  The fact that even some females  judges think this is a problem doesn’t validate the argument, it just shows that they have internalized oppression.

This reminds me of when I was an undergraduate, and recieved my degree in Women’s History (Women’s Studies/US History).  This was not real history. This was different history. I noticed that the other courses in the department were not called Men’s History, which actually would have been quite accurate.

Are we still at a place where women have to act like men in order to legitimize their power? I thought that went out with the power suits with padded shoulders of the 1980’s. Men and women do think differently from each other– and both styles are valid and useful.


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2 Responses to “Women do not think “Differently””

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I know exactly what you mean. It is as if white male thinking is “standard” and everything else is biased. Do you remember the C. Thomas hearings? When he was approved, I was in the gym and I remember the men cheering and the women, either disgusted or silent. We see things differently and, in that case, I think also more accurately! The point is we are a diverse population and our government needs to reflect all points of view.

Degree in Women’s studies? LOOOOOOOOOOOL.

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