AIG & Universalism –cultural views on contractual obligations

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Although I personally think AIG is beyond reprehensible, greedy, corrupt and incompetent, I am intrigued by the cultural influences of the situation we now find ourselves in.  I considered, specifically, the differences in cultural views on contractual obligations between Universalist and Particularist cultures, and use the US and China as examples.

The idea that  AIG has a contractual obligation to pay out bonuses to the very executives who brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy  is firmly grounded in American culture. America is a Universalist culture–they have rules and laws and contracts that are applicable to everyone equally (supposedly). They believe contracts are legal and binding, regardless of obvious changes in situation.  AIG executives moan that these bonuses were promised to them by contract and contracts, in a Universalist culture, are untouchable. A deal is a deal. Even a raw one.

Chinese culture, on the other hand, is Particularist. Particularists look at each situation, and understand that things may change unexpectedly. For the Particularist, contracts may be amended or adjusted if the situation or context changes. Particularists also spend more time building relationships,  and value personal obligation and “face” more than Universalists.  For Particularists,  a trustworthy person is known to honor the changing circumstances.  The idea is to build a long term relationship and have a win-win situation over time for both parties.

For the Universalist, it is the complete opposite. A trustworthy person keeps his word, abides by the contract, and pays up. Even when it’s ethically, morally, and  poltically wrong.


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2 Responses to “AIG & Universalism –cultural views on contractual obligations”

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The idea that AIG has a contractual obligation to pay out bonuses to the very executives who brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy is firmly grounded in American culture.

If you consider Congress an integral part of our culture, then I agree. Whether people get bonuses from AIG is nothing but smog to keep you from seeing the bigger truth. I will give you a hint…
our new administration is already surpassing Bush in the ‘culture of corruption’ catagory.

Lauren, I find this fascinating from a
cultural perspective as well. The implications
are huge. I went to China once and I was in the
que to use the ladies room. I was fifth in line.
When a toilet became available, the four women
in line gestured for me to go in. I pointed to th
first women to go in and the next three women
and then me to indicate that I needed to wait
my turn. They smiled and stood as still as statures
for me to move forward. I went in first but
understood that my sense of fairness was not
theirs. I believ my gestures and attempts to
speak Chinese made me a lot of friends in the
hotel. Oh I love the chicken analogy!!!
peace and blessings

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