It tastes sooooo good!!

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I Love Food.  

It is a really important part of my life, and not just because it keeps me alive. 

My daughter, too, is an NBF (natural born foodie).  Still too young to speak or walk, she would open Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to the middle page  (one piece of cherry pie, one slice of cheese, one slice of salami….) and just stare at it. Then she would pretend to grab the pictures and pop them in her mouth.  Like mother like daughter.

Whenever I travel, I always try the local cuisine.  For people who love to travel, eating new foods is either a wonderous experience or a daily trauma. I always read about weird foods that people saw, or were forced to eat (monkey and bugs come to mind). But what about foreign foods you LOVE?! I mean food that you daydream about, and wonder where you can find it when you get back to your country. My all time, absolute, there-must-be-a-God, yum yum yum, I-tried-it first-in-a-foreign-country foods are:

Jugo de chinola– a staple when I’m in Dominican Republic. Tart, refreshing, delicious. I was drinking it for almost 8 years before I learned that chinola is passion fruit. I really think it must have a vitamin that my body needs, because I can’t drink it fast enough.

Mochi – a super chewy Japanese treat made of pounded rice. I like mine filled with red bean paste.  Still, at 300 calories and 25% of my daily carbs in each small piece, it’s a once-in-a-while treat.

Som tom– I dream about this stuff. A Thai salad made of shredded unripe papaya, chilies, and other yummy ingredients. I rarely find it done right  in American Thai restaurants. They always make it with shredded cabbage, which is ridiculous, and they never make it spicy enough.

Well, those are my favorites….

What are your favorite, and I mean FAVORITE, (not, yeah, I like Chinese food) foreign foods?


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2 Responses to “It tastes sooooo good!!”

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My favorite thai dish is “thai welcome snack”.
It’s basically ginger, toasted coconut, green chilies, shallots wrapped up in a betel leaf.
Impossible to find here..they just don’t serve it in restaurants.

Top 3 foreign foods for me:
Pytt i Panna- a Swedish hash/hangover cure made of cubed potatoes and taylor ham (or what looks like taylor ham) with a sunny side up egg and a side of pickled beets.

Dates- not really so foreign, but Americans just don’t seem to eat them as much as Arabs do. I eat them but plucking out the pit and putting a salted walnut in place of the pit. Delicious.

Galub Jamun: These warm cheesey sweet little balls of goodness make me wish that my mother was Indian.

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